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TTL Washi Tape - Van Gogh Collection (6pack)

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Explore Van Gogh's vibrancy with our Washi Tape Collection. This six-tape set breathes life into any project, from planners to crafts, infusing them with the master's spirited colors and textures. Perfect for art lovers, it transforms everyday items into canvases of creativity and inspiration.


βœ” Diverse Art Selection: Each tape in this six-piece set is inspired by a different Van Gogh masterpiece, including Almond Blossom, White Rose, Starry Night, Irises, Sunflower, and Starry Night Over the RhΓ΄ne, offering a wide range of artistic expressions for your projects.
βœ” Creative Enhancement: Ideal for elevating the look of notebooks, planners, or customizing gifts and decor with a distinctive artistic touch.
βœ” User-Friendly: Easy to tear by hand and repositionable, making them perfect for hassle-free application and adjustments.
βœ” Generous Variety: With six unique designs, explore endless possibilities for infusing your projects with Van Gogh's iconic style.
βœ” Beautifully Packaged: Comes in a custom box, making it an exceptional gift for Van Gogh admirers and craft enthusiasts.


βœ” Gold Foil Accents: Selected designs are enhanced with gold foil, bringing a luminous quality to Van Gogh's rich textures.
βœ” Superior Washi Paper: Crafted from the finest washi paper, ensuring both the vibrancy of Van Gogh's colors and the tape's longevity.
βœ” Faithful Color Reproduction: Each tape showcases a faithful reproduction of Van Gogh's artwork, capturing the essence of his brushstrokes.
βœ” Strong Adhesive: Engineered for durability, the adhesive allows for creativity without compromise, sticking where you need it and adjusting without fuss.


  • Tape Width: 15mm
  • Box Size: Custom-designed to accommodate the six-roll set, reflecting the breadth of Van Gogh's artistic achievements.

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